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I have just completed the manuscript for my new book, "TO WAKE THE GIANT", a story that deals with Pearl Harbor.  The book is now scheduled to be released May 19, next year.  In mid-January, I'll be in New York, working with my editor, to "smooth things out", (and probably cut some pages- that's usually how it works.)  This story will likely be the first of a series focusing on WW2 in the Pacific.  Not sure yet if it will be two or three volumes- that decision will come later.  It's hard for me to look ahead to the next book, since I get pretty consumed by the project I'm working on at the moment.  (I meet authors who say they're working on three books at once.  That would drive me insane).  The research for this story has been daunting and extremely emotional.  I have gone through a number of memoirs, some first hand accounts of sailors, marines and soldiers, as well as civilians, who were in Honolulu at the time of the Japanese attack, plus original sources for several key voices in Washington DC.  And, I have memoirs from the Japanese point of view as well.  In every book I do, I feel it's important to tell that story from both sides.  I will do my best to make this new story as dramatic, with characters that are both historically obvious, and some that are unknown.  As always, I hope this will be a story that is historically accurate, but very different than those documentaries and Hollywood treatments you're already familiar with.  (For those who have asked, I will begin accepting pre-orders for autographed copies of the book in early January.  I have to work with my website people to set that up.)

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays, and my most sincere wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year! 

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Jeff Shaara

December 23, 2019