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March 17, 2022

My latest, the Teddy Roosevelt manuscript is completed!  It's now with my editor in New York, and we'll be working on "cleaning it up" for the next couple of months.  The book (no title yet- I'm working on that) should be out next spring, 2023. 

In response to inquires I've received-  All copies of my books (and my father's) are available at a decent discount if ordered in quantity.  Typically, that can be for classrooms, or other reading groups  The minimum is a dozen books, and I autograph every book.  Please email me if you have any questions.

I continue to receive questions from readers trying to locate my book "The Shadow of War" about the Cuban Missile Crisis.  That book doesn't exist- I never wrote it.  I'm happy to explain further just why that's the case to anyone who asks.  It drives me crazy that some websites show that book as available.  It never was, though I appreciate that any of you might be interested in the subject.

I am extremely happy to announce that my father's novel, "For Love of the Game", has, after nearly 20 years, finally (finally!) been put back into print by the publisher.  This book is the basis for the major motion picture of the same name, a wonderful baseball story starring Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston.  (The movie is shown on cable often- I recommend it).  I have them here, and will autograph them as I do The Killer Angels, "For My Father's Legacy."  They're listed now on the "Shop" page.

     Please note the email link in the upper right corner- ""  I look forward to hearing from you, whether input (or criticism) of any of my work, or just a friendly hello.  I promise, I read every email you send, and I respond to as many as I can (even the grumpy ones).  It might take me a little while, but if possible, you’ll hear from me.

Again, I hope you and your family remain safe and healthy throughout the coming year!  

Jeff Shaara

March 17, 2022